Our monthly invoicing was taking too long to prepare and get out to clients. Our business was operating month-to-month with no projected outlook. AM Advisors provided an unbiased review with straightforward recommendations and helped us develop a solid business model foundation.
— Robert Nishimori, Trachtenberg Architects
For the fact that AM Advisor’s system integrated time card, payroll, and invoicing under one system has helped us to pinpoint all the billable services we provide.  I estimated that such integration has increase our invoice volume by as much as 5%.  For a business that runs over $1 million billable work, this is significant.  Hiring AM Advisor paid for itself.
— Peter Yu, Yu Structural Engineers
We found that AM Advisors consistently reminded/redirected our thinking so that it was clear and sound and kept us on track. AM Advisors’ emphasis on establishing procedures, accountability, responsibility, monitoring and fine tuning various issues and tasks, as well as consequences and recognition were very well received.  AM Advisors gave us hope.
— Terry Partington, Behavior Analysts, Inc.
My dependable, long time (6-1/2 years), trusted administrative assistant quit unexpectedly. I knew that she would be difficult if not impossible to replace. I decided to split her job into 2 positions – a clerical/receptionist position which only requires basic skills and a professional accounting firm to process payroll, invoicing, and advise on accounting issues. I talked with several architects who all highly recommended AMAdvisors. Their enthusiasm and satisfaction with AMA gave me the confidence to give Anthony a call. AMAdvisors has filled the position perfectly.
— Nellie Ingraham, IDA Structural Engineers
I admit, I was reluctant at first to hire an outside financial advisor to assist us in our small business.  We have been getting along just fine all these years. I was wrong, wrong, wrong.  AM Advisors have streamlined the financial side of our business.  We know where we are and where we’re going now
— Tom Ramsey, RPR Architects